In case you haven't heard, world-renowned spirit medium Maureen Hancock is coming to town to do a show at the Mayo Civic Center on November 22. If you haven't seen her at work before, here's a pretty cool clip from her show, "Psychic in Suburbia" that airs on the Style network.

In the beginning of the clip, Maureen is at the hair stylist when she gets a premonition about one of the ladies next to her. What happens next is amazing, surprising and touching.

The whole clip is worth watching, but if you've only got two minutes then definitely watch the first two minutes of the clip, where this incident takes place.

And don't miss your chance to see Maureen in-person when she comes to town. Tickets are on sale now, but they're going fast!

We're also giving our Z-VIP's a chance to win a pair of free tickets and a meet-and-greet with Maureen. If you're a Z-VIP, just enter here. If not, click that same link and find out how to become a Z-VIP. Then you can be eligible to enter the contest!