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Some people are painting pumpkins already, but very soon, pumpkin carving will begin! And if you've been wondering, "Should I get those pumpkin carving power tools?" watch this video.

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Last year for Halloween,  I went to Rochester Target North to buy pumpkin carving supplies.


Believe it or not, the little saws, the pokey-deal, the pumpkin good scraper and scoop, the roller outliner thingy, they work!  Buy those tools, they make corners and circles a lot easier. Then wash 'em and put them away 'til next year.

What About The Power Tool?


Overall, I say...forget about it. Getting the batteries in is a pain, the power of the saw couldn't beat last year's corn beef in a 5k, and it just didn't cut well. You need the power to cut through thick pumpkins and at the end of the day, it just couldn't cut it. ((HIYOOO!))

The price is about the same as last year, around $7.00 plus tax. Instead of buying the tool that'll just frustrate you, your kids, your neighbors, anyone that tries it, get a nice big cob salad, and savor every bite.

Cobb Salad - Rabe/Canva

A Fun Night Carving with Kids Starts With the Pumpkin

  1. Try to find the smoothest one of all. Carving or coloring, it's better.
  2. Don't grab a pumpkin that's heavy for its size. That means thick walls and no one has time for that!
  3. Soft spots on the pumpkins? Pass it by. It could be rotting inside already.
  4. Does it look like the pumpkin cut itself shaving? Those cuts and slices will make the pumpkin rot faster.
  5. If you can find a pumpkin with a FLAT front, that's ideal. Not curvy, like in all the stories, flat is easier to carve.


2020 - Pumpkin Carving On a Minnesota Farm

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