Here I thought I was doing the right thing, grammatically, when I put two spaces after a period.  But today I read this story from LinkedIn, and now I don't know what to think.

A company isn't legally allowed to discriminate against hiring you because you're old, so if you want to make sure they aren't prejudiced against you before they even meet you, here's a trick.

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When you're writing your resume and cover letter, DON'T put two spaces after a period.

A career expert says that's a key sign you're old.  The whole "two spaces after a period" thing is a relic from the typewriter and word processor days.

Today's younger generations never used typewriters obviously, and they spent less time on word processors too . . . they're used to one space after a period, which is the default on websites and in texting.

So if you use two spaces, it might be a sign you're older . . . which could hurt your chances of getting past the first round of gatekeepers.

A few other things you can do on your resume that make you look older than you realize are putting your home address . . . putting an email address . . . including your home phone number . . . and listing antiquated skills like MS-DOS.

Obviously you could flip some of this advice too . . . in case you wanted to seem older for a job you're applying to.