It was 2017. I walked into the Y-105FM Home, Vacation, and RV Show (it was still at Graham Arenas) and the first booth, as always, was Kelly's Quality Sewing Center, and there was Darlene, smiling, waving, and looking so happy to see me.

I'm not a sewer. I'm not at all good with my hands and fabric. But if you get the chance to get to know Darlene & John Kelley. They're just good people. If you could get a whole neighborhood of them you'd be in a dang good place.

Anyway, maybe it's not such a secret Darlene and I rigged up the Sewing Myself Into the Home Show Prank, but dangit, it was fun, she was totally game for it, and we laughed so hard.


Good times.

Have a fun retirement, my friends.

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