Independence Day has come and gone, we've had hot dogs, hamburgers, maybe some apple pie. Delicious American foods, right? Well...maybe. At a party, I had a conversation with a guy and it turns out, not everything that seems so incredibly American was invented here.

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For instance...ketchup. Fries, burgers, eggs, and a million other things go with ketchup. But is it American? No way. You're about 7,000+ miles off because ketchup came out of Southeast Asia in the 18th century.

The British found it, though it didn't really resemble our ketchup until 1812 when the first tomato ketchup recipe appeared (don't ask what they used before...or you'll have to hear about fermented fish). Thanks to First We Feast for the awesome info on the ketchup (read more about it HERE).

How 'bout other foods? Key Lime Pie, Fried Chicken, and S'mores? Take the quiz and see how you can get all nine right!

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