Don’t Stop for Me, Argentina…or Drivers

When's the right time to stop your car? The answer to the quiz is below! My friend Courtney and I were in Eyota last night, shooting video for the upcoming release of the new hit, Welcome to Eyota, when I almost blew a gasket.

Courtney was driving…and she stopped along 42 so I could take a picture of the Welcome to Eyota sign. She stopped on the side opposite the sign, so I waited ‘til traffic was clear and scooted across to take pics and video. Good deal, got it done, bam.

As I walked back, I saw some cars coming, and since it was a MN 42, I pulled back the reigns and waited, easily 100 feet from the highway.

The first in the line of cars slowed down, stopped, and waved me across.

angry driver
Vladimir Mucibabic

What? Nooooo!

No good comes from screaming or yelling…so I gave a frustrated yelp and practically ran across 42. Because, you know…she stopped on the highway!

I’m sure she thought she was being nice, but if you’re that kind of person, stop it. Please. If the pedestrian  does not have the right of way, and they’re obviously stopped and not trying to cross, do not stop for them, blocking traffic and maybe causing an accident.

Please, think of the people behind you, they just want to get home to see their children. When you stop like that, they can't get to their children. What gives? Do you hate kids or something?

Anyway...please...stop stopping.

And now, the answer the When Do You Stop quiz!

CREDIT: James La Rabe

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