That's the dude right there. The Dough-Head. He escaped the FMC here in Rochester after being convicted of counterfeiting US currency. And now he's back. How he was captured is what makes him worthy of the Rabe Shot!

Our news department reported it this morning...

A facial recognition system used by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nevada led to the recent capture of a man who escaped from the Federal Medical Center in Rochester in 1992.

How'd the facial recognition get his face to recognize? That's the good part.

When he escaped, he changed his name to Craig Paulter, and it looks like he kept on scamming people. Ten years ago, he changed his name back to Robert Frederick. He had a string of felonies under both names, and when he went to renew his ID and used his new name, the new facial recognition caught him, and the dough-head was captured.

Will Nevada hold him to prosecute on their charges? Nope...they've dropped 'em all so he can be brought right back here.

Sad Dough-Head trombone.


Ingram Publishing / ThinkStock
Ingram Publishing / ThinkStock

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