I don't use the word 'dumb' very often. I don't like it. It's mean, I think. But I can't think of a better word for this dough-head vacationing near the Wisconsin Dells. He broke the law to watch basketball on a bar TV!


It's a short story of dough-headery. A guy from Illinois was going to vacation in Lake Delton, Wisconsin. A stone's throw from The Dells. But, he didn't want to miss an Arizona Wildcats basketball game, so he found a sports bar/restaurant in Lake Dalton (Buffalo Phil's).

Then he figured out which cable service they had, and, pretending to be an employee of the bar, called that cable service 11 times to add the Pac-12 to Buffalo Phil's cable package. It worked. It was added, he watched the game while on vacation and forgot about it.

At least, I think he forgot about it because the bar owner saw a much bigger bill than usual, and, after some excellent detective work (remember, cable companies record all those calls!), they caught the Illinois Dough-Head. Read the whole story on Deadspin.

He's looking at up to 12 years in prison!

Moral of the Story - Don't mess with small-town Wisconsin bars. 

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