If you're like me, this story will have you looking over your shoulder for...angry hippos!

Today's Rabe Shot takes us to Wisconsin. On Friday night, in Madison, a guy was having a fine time, until he wasn't. He was beat up something fierce, knocked unconscious, some teeth were broken, and he needed stitches for a cut on his head.

When the police got there, he said a person didn't do it. He said it was an animal. He told the cops he'd been assaulted by a...hippo.

But remember, he was f'schnickered. Blasted. Gone. A witness said the guy'd been beaten up by a person, but who knows, right? Better safe than sorry.

So, be on the lookout for an angry hippo. If he/she could beat up a guy in Madison, Wisconsin, there's no reason to think the hippo couldn't rent a car and hope on I-90 for a cruise to Rochester. Or Winona. Or Predmore!

Finally, please enjoy a song from deep in my childhood memory.