Up t'Saint Cloud area there, a farmer woke up and knew instantly, something didn't smell right. So he ran outside, and what he saw made him call the Sheriff's department. And laugh. Not necessarily in that order. Tho, I'm pretty sure the laughing came first, during, and after the call. Here's what went down in Stearns County.

A farmer suspected some guys stole his lumber. He was pretty sure they were still on his property, so he told law enforcement if they hurried, they could catch 'em red-handed.

Why did the farmer suspect those two guys in particular? Because they had a pickup full of lumber and were trying to get it unstuck from a manure pit! From the Pioneer-Press...

When deputies Craig Pogatshnik and Shirley Zwack arrived, they found the man who had been in the pickup standing on the side of the road, smoking a cigarette and covered in manure from his waist to his feet. He was wearing jean shorts over long underwear and no shoes, which the deputies assumed were somewhere in the manure pile.


So he'd been standing in the manure, lost his shoes, and they were still in the pit. What a crappy day.

Excuse me for a second...


OK, I'm good. Thanks! Rabe Shot for the dough-heads!

ps - They had to take one of the guys to the police garage to hose him off because he was covered in manure head to foot. 

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