Seriously, how many dough-heads are there in SEMN? First a coffee shop associated with the Catholic Church gets burgled, and now vandals go after a church???

Here's what we know about the jerk-head-crap-face.

Saturday night, police were sent to St. Luke's Episcopal Church on 22nd Street Northwest and found out someone'd broken into the building. Did they break in and steal money? Nope.


They sprayed fire extinguishers all over the church, damaging a bunch of stuff (tho no dollar amount is known yet).

Who does this kinda mindless crap? The police said they could smell pot had been burning. Most people I know that smoke don't get violent and stupid. They get mellow and hungry. Or tired.

So a big ol' Rabe Shot to the dough-head...I can't imagine what's happened to you that makes you made enough to vandalize a church.


Pavel Timofeyev

Click HERE (or the picture) to see the last religiously affiliated place that got burgled (but not vandalized...not sure if that's better or not). 



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