Every weekday morning around :35 after, you'll hear me do the Rabe Shots, highlighting dough-heads in the news. Today's Rabe Shot spotlight demonstrates how quickly one bad decision can lead to a string of bad decisions.

Outside Kansas City, Missouri, a guy decided to burn some garbage, in the middle of a field. This would be the bad decision that led to so much more dough-headery.

So, there he is, burning garbage in the middle of a field and, SURPRISE, the fire starts to burn out of control. He knows a fire can't burn without oxygen, so he's going to smother it! With his van! Brilliant!

He drives back and forth over the fire, trying to smother it. Instead of smothering it, his tires catch fire. And that's bad because the van is full of gas. Annnnnnd live ammunition!

The fire department got it out, and lucky for the guy, a cop didn't arrest him, but the van IS a total loss. Dough-head.