Buying frozen food at a Rochester Hy-Vee, I came across a brand that looked pretty good, but one entree has the laziest name ever. No, not that one in the picture...

I used to hate buying frozen meals because the good ones were too expensive. Then I


realized, "Hey, it might be $5, but that's less than if I ate out, so..." And I discovered that paying lunch prices gets you much better food.

Sure, it's still frozen food, but the quality is noticeably better. Sadly, at naming the entrees, they're not quite to committed to quality.

My second breakfast yesterday (yes, second breakfast, you wanna make something of it?) was Eating Well Indian Inspired Chicken.



Up top they came up with "Creamy Pesto Chicken". That sounds nummy, but "Indian Inspired Chicken" sounds like they just gave up.

To be fair, they do the same thing with French and Korean entrees.

How 'bout "Sumptuous Mild Curry Chicken" or "Curried Chicken and Rice and more"? Or just, "If You're Not Used to Curry, You'll Find This A Delightfully Spicy Curry That'll Clear Out Any Stuffed Sinuses."

It's not that spicy to me, in fact it is mild and quite yummy, but if you're new to curry, it might be a bit hot.

ANYWAY...Dear Eating get a Rabe Shot for not trying even a little bit hard to come up a better name. Sincerely, James Rabe, Giver of Rabe Shots.




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