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Lania never gets in touch with me unless she's mad about traffic. We met at a Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce event and she was all riled up about a traffic thing from earlier in the day. After some conversation, I found out her family doesn't want to hear about it anymore, and I said, "Well, vent to me, I love road rage texts." And a friendship began.

Just this week she sent the picture up there, with the message...this is a cut paste, so sorry about the shouting.

What is WRONG with PEOPLE!?!? You don't need that! ITS RUDE 2 LEAVE THAT MUCH SPACE! Move up, live your life, GET MOVING! Man I hate that. Hope you're good. I'm raging.

Silly man gets into car crash and makes ridiculous face

I don't get as upset as Lania, but you know what? It bugs me, too. Whenever I see it at a stoplight, I wonder what they're afraid of. The Ghost Car? That must be it. There really IS a car there, I just can't see it because I'm not the little kid talking to Bruce Willis in that one more where, SPOILER ALERT, Bruce Willis is the dead one and that's why the kid can see him!

A good, dear, love her 'til the end of time, friend does this. "Well, if I get rear ended, then I won't rear-end the other person." What's wrong with that, you might ask? Kevin Torgerson, Sheriff of Olmsted County says to knock-it-off, so that's what's wrong Ms Smarty Pants.

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Now, to get rid of all that rage you're feeling after being SO WRONG (lol), here's how to peel an orange.

Knock off that road rage by getting a good night's sleep and leaving a few minutes earlier than normal. How do you get better sleep? Glad you asked.

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