It's a weather phenomenon that's only happened one other time in Rochester history, but it could happen again on Sunday.

Just because the calendar flips over to March doesn't mean it's going to feel like Spring anytime this weekend. And this rare weather occurrence that could happen Sunday isn't very Spring-like but at least it doesn't have to do with all this snow that Old Man Winter dumped on us in February.

Chris Kuball, Chief Meteorologist over at ABC-6, posted about this strange bout of Minnesota weather on his Twitter page earlier this week. As we head into March on Friday, we could see an inch or two of snow. But that's not the story. It's the cold that's set to invade the Land of 10,000 (Frozen) Lakes after that.

Highs across southeast Minnesota this weekend aren't going to be very high at all. In fact, while we'll be in the teens on Saturday, the temp drops below zero Saturday night-- and isn't expected to move much on Sunday. And, if we end up with a high temperature that's below zero Sunday, that's pretty rare.

In fact, according to Kuball, a March day where the temperature never gets above zero has only happened one other time in Rochester history. Great. Now, we might indeed get above zero Sunday, but even if we do, it'll only be into the single digits. And lows Sunday night could be near 15 below!

Hoo boy. If it's not the snow, then it's the cold. Anybody else ready for Spring?!?

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