Last week, was deemed "Clean Up" week in Southeast Minnesota.  The storms that rolled through our area on Saturday, July 23rd, left a huge mess throughout our region, many without power, and one restaurant in downtown Rochester, Crave, had to close temporarily due to storm damage.  But good news showed up today and Crave has announced their re-opening date!


Downtown Rochester, Minnesota Restaurant Temporarily Closed Due to Storm Damage

As my family was carb loading after the storm hit on the 23rd to get ready to chainsaw trees in our own yard, I noticed a video on Facebook that Chris Kuball Meteorologist posted that showed water pouring in like a faucet was on into the popular Crave restaurant in downtown Rochester.

Crave shared the unfortunate news with their fans on Facebook that they would be closed due to the storm damage.

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Crave Announces Re-Opening Date After Storm Damage in Rochester, Minnesota

If you've been one of the many who are missing the sushi and truffle fries that Crave creates, I've got some good news - Crave's re-opening date!  They announced on Wednesday, August 3rd that they are planning on opening its doors again on Friday, August 5th, and 3 pm.

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