Do you agree?   I can't say that I do. To me, and I'm sure many of you, music is a wonderful thing that helps you not only move through life, but gives you happiness, enjoyment and understanding.  I can't even really come up with enough words to describe how special music is to me.

Aerosmith's Joey Kramer, the drummer, said that making a record just doesn't make any sense anymore.  He went on to say, recrods don't sell, they don't do anything.   It may appear to be bleak for those in the biz, but, I can say, that to me music means the world.  If I am entertained enough to want the music, you'll bet I'm going to buy it, I'm going to go to their concert, I'm going to watch their DVD, etc.   I am sad to hear his glass is half-empty statement, but then again, that's probably how it is.   He talked about it in this article: (click here to read more). 

It sounds like it would take a lot to persuade him to want to even make another, 'record,' not that they even are called that anymore. :(