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A brand new restaurant has opened in the Rochester Athletic Club. Called Cafe Relish, it's a creation of Chef Zach Ohly, owner/operator of Cameo at the Castle in Downtown Rochester. "We opened last week, " said Ohly. "A soft opening because of everything going on...we just kind of sneaked in there, the contractors, the menu...everything fell into place."

<p>Why is it called Cafe Relish? "Oh, that's my mother..." </p><p> </p>

What are they serving? "Since we're inside a place that puts a premium on health, we'll have more from scratch cooking with soups, sandwiches, wraps, and composed dishes." said Ohly.

Ever notice how big the RAC is? (Google)
Ever notice how big the RAC is? (Google)

They're also partnering with Queen City Coffee & Juice (upstairs from Cameo in The Castle) for coffee drinks and cold press juices. Which'll be perfect when breakfast starts up soon.

What are composed dishes? I had to ask, too.

"A composed dish is where your entrée and sides all act as one dish...like our sweet potato coconut curry. It's wild mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, basmati rice, and fresh cilantro." 

With so much traffic heading from the 19th Street Bridge to Costco, "It's important to stress we're open to the public," he said, Eat inside or order online and pick it up in one of the "cubbies" or with curbside pickup. Delivery should be set up soon.

Relish Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8 to 8, Saturday and Sunday 11 to 6.

Why is it called Cafe Relish? "Oh, my mother is the brainchild of naming all our concepts," Ohly said. "It's clean and simple."

A. Petrova & B. Wootla
A. Petrova & B. Wootla

Then, as a follow up to his mom answer, I asked a silly question, almost out of reflex...

James Rabe: "What's your mom do?"

Zack Ohly:(Zack didn't tease me for the obvious answer) "She works with my dad, Ohly Law. They're getting close to retirement."

James Rabe: Are you the only non lawyer in the family?

Zack Ohly: Yup! Follow your passion!

During the conversation he said, the Cameo re-opening is coming up and I was all, "Wait, what? Cameo comin' back?" It's true. Click here to see when Cameo opens.

If all this has you super hungry for relish, I found a super easy 3.2 ingredient recipe.

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