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If you're looking for a unique yet relaxing vacation in Minnesota this summer, you may want to consider spending the night on this houseboat on the Mississippi River! It's located up in Brainerd and looks like a really fun way to spend a few days this summer.

I've been on a boat before (I'm pretty sure you can't live in Minnesota without ever being on a boat) but I've never stayed the night on a boat before. Based on the pictures it looks like a relaxing vacation idea if you're wanting a place that's a little secluded and away from people.

You can rent the houseboat through Airbnb for $300 per night and there is a 2-night minimum, so at minimum (before any extra fees) it's at minimum a $600 stay. And if you want a longer vacation you can stay for a maximum of a week.

Keep scrolling to check out pictures of this Minnesota houseboat that you can stay a few nights in. And after the houseboat photos, you can check out a CASTLE that you can stay in that's also in Minnesota!

A Tranquil Vacation Awaits at this Minnesota Houseboat on the Mississippi River

If you're looking for a relaxing but unique place to rent for a vacation in Minnesota, consider spending a few night on this houseboat! It's on the Mississippi River and you can take it out for a spin during your stay.

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