Flying off to an exotic location sounds amazing but for a family of five, that just isn't happening for us right now.  Inflation is kicking our butt...but we are also getting a bit stir-crazy and kind of want to get away for a little bit, in a more affordable way than, let's say, an all-inclusive resort or Disney.

If you are looking for an affordable vacation, I found a spot that you can drive to from Minnesota and is known for not only amazing restaurants but also tons of fun for everyone.

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Tripadvisor's Top Picks For Amazing Places to Visit in Chicago, Illinois...Including a Few That Hidden!

Anytime we head out on a road trip or vacation, I check Tripadvisor.  I like to know how much money is expected at restaurants and reading reviews is a must.  I DO NOT want to deal with the surprise of bed bugs from a hotel or buy tickets to an attraction that ends up sucking and being a waste of money.  It also gives great ideas on where to explore.

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If you've been looking for a vacation spot that won't break the bank and isn't too far from Minnesota, Chicago is perfect!  It's not too far but far enough that you can make it in a day.  If you do decide to load up the car and hit the road to Chicago, below are a few of the top-rated spots to check out!  I love this list too because it has the typical spots but also a few that are somewhat hidden.  Use the list below and make it an adventure as you explore Chicago.

LOOK: Highest-rated things to do in Chicago, according to Tripadvisor

Stacker compiled a list of the highest rated things to do in Chicago from Tripadvisor.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

Top-Rated Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois For Those Extra Special Occasions

If you go to Chicago for a little vacay, you are going to need to eat!  And Chicago is known for some amazing food.  Before you hit the road, check out some of these recommended restaurants by Tripadvisor.

Highest-rated restaurants for special occasions in Chicago, according to Tripadvisor

Stacker compiled a list of the highest rated restaurants for special occasions in Chicago from Tripadvisor.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

It's a Minnesota Bucket List! 50 Things You Must Do and See in Minnesota

The land of 10,000 lakes has so many amazing places to visit and explore! Scroll through this Minnesota Bucket List of 50 places and things to do and see how many you've crossed off the list.

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