Note 7 owners: Even if you traded in your old explody Note 7, now there's a recall on your NEW Note 7. Initially, after problems with the battery heating up and catching fire, Samsung issued a recall on more than 2.5 million Note 7's and said they would replace your Note 7 with a better battery. Now, the replacement phones are in danger of causing a fire.In fact, last week, on a Southwest Airlines flight, a Note 7 caught fire and the plane had to be evacuated. Since that report, there have been 2 other incidents of the phones overheating.

Monday, Samsung asked its retailers to stop selling the Note 7 while it looked into the matter.

Samsung has stopped manufacturing the phones and some say it will cost the company billions.

So, in short, if you have a NEW Note 7, Samsung would like you to return it again for a replacement phone. Only this time, it's not a Note 7, for obvious reasons. I called both my local provider and the national company to get clarification on a trade and they told me "You can trade it for ANY phone in the store." So, that's the plan.