This guy in Staten Island started a restaurant, and you'll never believe what he did in the kitchen!

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Ten years ago, Jody Scaravella, started a restaurant in Staten Island. Instead of hiring a chef - y'know, a Chef - he took out an ad and hired Grandmas! Not just one - but plural, Grandmas. He always has two grandmas in the kitchen; an Italian grandma, plus an international grandma.

He got the idea for grandmas in the kitchen after both his own mother and grandmother passed away. He was looking for grandmas to share those home recipes that had been passed down through the generations.

The only downside is that when the grandmas get in the kitchen, they tend to be a little bossy and butt heads, but the food comes out great. His restaurant, Enoteca Maria, is getting reservations from all around the world and from people making plans to visit New York.

I think he's just picked up on something we already knew here in Rochester. There's something special about Grandma's Kitchen.

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