Most people pay little attention to the freezers in their home - whether its the one included in their refrigerator, or a separate "deep" or "chest" freezer. While it's true they don't require a lot of attention, a good cleaning once and while is important to how well they work - and sometimes how long they last. It's inaccurate to believe that you'll never have to clean out your freezer at some point in its life span.

Timing a cleaning and defrosting project is always tricky. However, I have a personal tip that is especially handy for people who live here in the Northland. Winter presents the perfect time to tackle a freezer deep-clean - especially those days or weeks when the temperature drops below the zero-mark.

Truthfully, cleaning out a freezer isn't especially a hard task.  But it does require some thought and planning on your part. And think of the space you'll gain once all of that ice and frost is gone!

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Here are some good tips for anyone cleaning out their freezer.

Good Tips For Properly Cleaning Your Freezer

Cleaning out a freezer is important to the use you get out of it; it can even add tears to the lifecycle of the appliance. Here are some good tips to doing it easy and properly.

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