What we have here is a report that Minnesotans don't know what Thanksgiving is. I find this highly suspect, but it's what Century Link found when they did a little "Checking the Googles."

What they found specifically is we Google, "What is Thanksgiving" more than any other Thanksgiving topic. In Wisconsin, they're checking out the Turkey Trot (which they do in Rochester, too...find out more here).

Up in North Dakota, they Google "NFL games on Thanksgiving" and South Dakota is all goody-goody, they Google things to be thankful for (tho that could work against 'em if they have to work that hard to find things to be thankful for. LOL...KIDDING).

But in Minnesota, and nine other states, we're asking, "What is Thanksgiving?". And I don't understand why. Sure, folks new to the USA wouldn't know what it is, but the rest of us? It must be students writing essays for the teacher, there's no other sensible solution.

In case you don't know, here's what WIKI says Thanksgiving is.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.[1] It originated as a harvest festival. Thanksgiving has been celebrated nationally on and off since 1789, with a proclamation by George Washington after a request by Congress...

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