The Rochester City Council will be presented Monday with a report on sanitary sewer rates.

The City Public Works Department, with assistance from a consultant, analyzed projected revenues and expenditures for the next 6 years to come up with recommendations for increasing rates and fees to cover operational and capital costs, while maintaining adequate reserves through the year 2021.

Excluding surcharges for high-strength discharges into the system, the report recommends increasing the basic fixed and quantity charges about 40-percent over the six-year period.The report estimates the average monthly bill for a residential customer would gradually rise from the current $30 to nearly $40 in 2021. The recommendations also call for increases in residential and non-residential hookup fees and the surcharges for the high-strength discharges from certain businesses.

The City Council is expected to receive the Public Works Department’s final report next month and could vote on the recommendations at the Council’s October 19th meeting.

The City Council is also preparing to set the city’s preliminary 2016 property tax levy and will be discussing options during Monday’s committee meeting. City Administrator Steve Kvenvold is recommending including funding to add 10 positions to the city’s payroll, including three police officers.