This is one of the most bizarre Restaurant Nightmare scenarios I've ever heard of. A YouTuber claimed Chuck E Cheese reuses pizza left behind when a family leaves the restaurant.

Chuck E. Cheese says no way, not even a little bit. And if you watch the guy's YouTube video, his evidence is pretty sketchy. He zooms in and graphically demonstrates where the different pieces are "connected" with cheese used as glue. His hour-and-a-half long video has no real proof, but it does have over 14 million views, so no need to wonder why he made the video.

What Restaurant Nightmares are likely 100% true (based on honest to goodness world-famous chefs saying they're true (as verified on Adam Ruins Everything)?

Some restaurants re-use bread...that's right, whatever you don't eat, they'll bring to another table, with new bread added to the basket.

Some restaurants lie about freshly cooked food...what they really mean is freshly moved from the freezer to the heating device.

Some restaurants lie about fish...they might substitute other types of fish for what's on the menu. I know I could never tell.

Some restaurants don't ever clean pepper shakers...They refill the salt shakers, but the pepper shakers take forever to get empty, but they're touched a ton AND pepper is organic, so more likely to grab onto and love on the bacteria.

Some restaurants drop food on the floor and pick it up and put it back on the plate...a co-worker worked at a place where HE LITERALLY PICKED UP HOT DOGS and put 'em back on the tray.

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