Now that winter is here (apparently for good), it’s time to start thinking about the holidays.   One of my family’s traditions is ringing bells for the local Salvation Army. We are blessed to have good health, food on our table and a roof over our heads, but not everyone in our area is so fortunate.   Recently my son Logan and I rang bells in the lobby of Hobby Lobby.

Brent and Logan ringing bells

Did you know that one hour of bell-ringing can raise enough money to provide a family in need with two bags of groceries?  Two hours of ringing, provides an individual with much needed clothing and furniture.  Imagine how much good you could do by ringing bells for an hour or more this Christmas season.


It’s a fact that Red Kettles with bell-ringers produce more money than those without.  Get your family, friends and co-workers to ring bells with you.  It’s very simple.  To sign-up, just go to

‘Tis the season of giving and nothing feels better than giving your time to a great cause like this.  And of course, whenever you see a Salvation Army Red Kettle, please drop in some spare change or dollars.  Every bit helps our neighbors in need!