Facebook - Sarah Haskell
Facebook - Sarah Haskell

Several states in the midwest are dealing with significant flooding issues after lots of rain and a warmup causing snow to melt at a rapid speed. After several failed attempts to get people in, Oxbow Park and Zoo in Byron has officially closed until further notice.

According to the Olmsted County Public Works website, several roads remained closed because of flooding:

  • County Road 125 South of County Road 25
  • County Road 5 from County Road 4 North to Dodge County 16
  • County Road 129 from 54th Street N to 100th Ave N
  • 48th Street NE at the intersection of County Road 124
  • Re-Opened County Road 24 near Wabasha County Road 2 by Elgin
  • Re-Opened County Road 143 west of County Road 11 (3 Blocks Closed from Intersection)
  • Re-Opened Olmsted County Road 21 by Wabasha and Olmsted County Line

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