It's a bit of magic.  That's what happens for this group of kids in Rochester as they are learning to play instruments for the first time.  Your kids can have a piece of this magic too...just like mine.

My youngest started to learn how to play drums last year with a band called First Players.  The percussion was brand new to him but we wanted to give him a jump start on music since his school doesn't start band until 6th grade.

As you can imagine having a new drum player in the house, joining the First Players band has been a loud adventure...but it's been truly amazing.  He has enjoyed it so much, is learning some great life skills and it's been amazing to watch him go from not knowing how to play playing in a band.  It's magical to watch.

So, what is First Players Band?  First Players is an instrumental program that is open to all students that are 4th grade and up in the Rochester area.  The good news for you is that enrollment is still open this year.  Kids meet with the Director each week and enjoy concerts throughout the year.  You may have even seen them play at the Apache Mall or at a Honkers game last year.

This group has been so much fun for my kiddo and if your child has shown any interest in wanting to learn how to play an instrument, this is a great place to learn.  Below is the info in case you want to learn a bit more or sign your child up for First Players.

First Players Band

  • Director, Janine Yanisch
  • Contact info: 507-282-1682 or email her at or
  • Website:
  • This program is sponsored by First Presbyterian Church

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