Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A fight between two groups of adults and teenagers at the Gage East apartment complex in northwest Rochester Tuesday may be linked to a fatal stabbing.

Officers were told 41-year-old Shawn Stewart, her teenage sons and a 19-year-old friend drove there around 8 p.m. and started the brawl.

Police say Stewart confronted a woman who was outside smoking and some teens and adults who saw what was going on came to her assistance and that’s when the fight broke out. Police ended up arresting Stewart, her two sons and the 19-year-old.

Police believe an incident earlier in the day led to the confrontation. It’s also suspected last year’s fatal stabbing of Rochester teenager Jose Negrete played a role in the incident. Stewart’s 16-year-old son stabbed Negrete in a case that was later ruled self defense. Police say some of those involved in last night’s fight were Negrete’s friends.