A brotherly legal battle over a bell. Two Rochester brothers are apparently having
a dispute over a bell the two purchased and have used at various public events the last few years.

Jan Throndson has filed a claim in Olmsted County Conciliation Court in an effort to regain control of what has been named the “ Bell of Honor. “ He and his brother Terry Throndson - a member of the Rochester School Board - purchased the bell in 2010. The bell was forged in 1910 and originally was owned by a church in Illinois. The brothers later formed the Bell of Honor Committee, which oversees its status as a charitable organization.

The group’s website does not list Terry Throndson as a member of the committee or executive board. Jan Throndson is listed as chair of the board. His court filing says Terry Throndson did not have permission to take and alter the bell and that he refuses to return it to the group. The claim seeks $2500 in damages.

A settlement conference has been scheduled for August 7th.