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Local Business in Rochester is Stepping Up To Help Deter Catalytic Converter Thefts

A local business in Rochester, Minnesota is doing what they can to help us keep the catalytic converters on our cars out of the hands of thieves.  And...they are doing it for free.


I have no idea what it is used for or how you would go about stealing a catalytic converter but I know my car has one, yours does as well, and there are people in our area who are stealing them.  What you do with a used catalytic converter is beyond my knowledge but I have learned the cost to repair this on a car is huge.  One local business in Rochester, Tilson's Auto Repair, is stepping up to help deter thefts and they even teamed up with another company, Advance Auto Parts.

To help the fight against stolen catalytic converters! We are offering to mark your catalytic converter with a bright heat resistant paint color. A recommended action from state and local law enforcement.
Note: This service is no cost to you. must drop vehicle off for the the day for the catalytic converter to cool off and for the paint to dry properly.
Paint is being donated by our friends at Advance Auto Parts! - Tilson's Auto Repair Facebook Page

If you'd love to learn more or even send them a "thanks", you can get all the details on their Facebook page here.

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