That picture is of me when I was at Mayo for a transplant checkup. I hate the gowns, but some people literally avoid the hospital, afraid of feeling ashamed in the gowns. Well, a miracle has arrived. No more revealing 2/3rds of your body when they really only need to make one quick check.

Used with permision
Used with permision

These new garments (seen to the left) take care of the problem. Look, they cover you up. Nothing is hanging loose, out, or about to be spotted by anyone that might be walking by!

According to a press release, they're Rochester-based COVR Medical modesty garments, created by Dr. Bruce a Mayo Clinic orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon, and his wife, Heather Levy.

There have been other attempts at recreating the hospital gown, but they've never really been very effective. COVR says these are the first garments to give full coverage of the front and back. And thank you, COVR! No matter how hard you try to keep covered, something slips out.

Very cool! If you'd like to see 'em, just click HERE.

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