French Bulldog therapy puppy was stolen from the front yard of a Rochester, Minnesota home.

Keep your eyes open!  A 2-month-old, mostly white French Bulldog, who is a therapy dog for three children with autism, was stolen out of a yard in Northwest Rochester, Minnesota on Friday, June 4th.  If anyone has any leads, please contact the Rochester Police Department.

"Someone stole my dog..."

This past Friday, the unthinkable happened to Jen Arendt and her family.  Her new puppy that is 2 months old and is a therapy dog for her special needs children, was stolen.  One of her kids was outside with her puppy when someone approached, grabbed the puppy, and got in a silver or grey 4-door sedan, and drove away.

Jen then went on social media and put out this desperate plea for help:

Someone stole my dog at 5:00 p.m. today out of the front yard please help us find Sprinkles he is the White pie face French bulldog in these pictures he was taken out of our front yard off 18th ave nw Rochester Mn he is on 2 medications that I picked up today and needs them plus he hasn't had dinner. He is my 3 special needs boys therapy dog and brother to our other puppy Wrinkles. Please bring our boy home.

2 Month Old Puppy Stolen From Rochester Yard

Keep your eyes open for this French Bulldog puppy. He's a two-month-old therapy dog for a family in Rochester that has three autistic children. He was stolen from a front yard between 37th Street, 41st Street, and 18th Ave NW in Rochester, Minnesota on Friday, June 4th. If you see this dog, please contact the Rochester Police Department referencing case number #21-022756.

Help make the boys' birthday wish come true - please bring the dog back.

In just a few weeks, two of Jen's boys will be celebrating birthdays.  Although they are having a tough time understanding why someone would take their friend Sprinkles, their only birthday wish is to have their puppy come home safe.  As Jen stated in one of her recent Facebook posts,

They want their best friend back please come forward do the right thing. Grant their birthday wish. Bring back our dog that was taken.

Have you seen Sprinkles, the French Bulldog puppy?

Someone knows where Sprinkles is.  If you know any information or have seen Sprinkles, please contact the Rochester Police Department and reference case #21-022756.

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