Since 1989, the fountain in the Peace Plaza has been a symbol of the plaza, and if the Rochester City Council votes to approve one of the DMC plans in front of them, it would be moved to a different location.

An update on the $16.7 million dollar re-do of the city blocks around the Peace Plaza was presented at Monday’s committee of the whole meeting. The renovation just outside the Chateau includes a plan to have a splash pad (or something similar), and a bunch of seating.

new Peace Plaza look
CREDIT: DMCC New Peace Plaza Look

I've lived here a while, and I have grown fond of the Peace Plaza fountain. Many times I’ve enjoyed watching it when I'm having a bad day. The sounds of the water, the people passing by, the kids playing. All of it makes me feel like I’m in a small town, which, really…we are, you know?

Having said that, tho, moving of the fountain is pretty low on my list of concerns. What I am concerned about is spending so many millions of dollars to update the Peace Plaza while Rochester has other issues. Affordable housing and transportation are always being discussed because they’re so important.

I am 100% behind city improvements and growth, that's the way of life. I just feel, very deeply, that if we don't powerfully face and work to solve the basic issues of places to live and ways to get to work, we'll have cheated ourselves out of an enormous opportunity.

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