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Can you believe today, July 2, 2021, is the halfway point in the year? Well, it is...and if you've been working on your 2021 Goals, it's time to check in and see how you're doing.


I got in touch with Andrea Salzmann, LICSW, Clinical Program Supervisor at Family Services Rochester, and she went thru the steps on the air, so click play to listen, or see the major points below.

How To Do A Mid-Year Goal Check In

James Rabe In January, everyone talks goal setting and making plans and goals. And how are you going to get there? And now that we're almost to July, it's time to talk about mid-year check-ins. So with me via zoom is Andrea Salzmann from Family Service, Rochester. First of all, how are you doing

Andrea Salzman Well? I am doing well. My goals, probably not so well. Um, this is a great opportunity for me to actually kind of reflect where I'm at as well. So it's a good discussion to have.

James Rabe Excellent. So what are your strategies?

Person writing list of goals, close-up of hand

Andrea Salzman

So review your goals. Reflect on where you've been? What your successes have been, what your wins have been and taking notes on what helped you to be successful and what steps you took?

Measure your goals/success. If you haven't already established criteria to measure your goals, sit down and take a look at how can you compare where you started versus where you are now. So for example, if it's finances you're looking at, have your debts decreased, or do you have more money in your savings account? Or another example is organizational skills. A way to check is are things easier to keep track of? And are you staying on top of tasks easier than what you were before?

Reviewing the resources that you use to reach your goals. This can be money, time, duty, more information to complete those goals. And for the next, most importantly, looking at the support that you have for your goals, outside support, such as family and friends, are they available to help you

James Rabe Support of family and friends? It means leaning on them, asking them to help remind you of stuff, things like that.

Andrea Salzman Absolutely. Having them check in and engaging in conversation about where you're at and where they're at. It just helps you stay motivated and to keep it at the top of your mind.

Celebrate those small successes, rewarding yourself for those mini goals and those milestones that you've achieved thus far. And so that way you can stay motivated.

Remember, a goal could be to get better sleep! fizkes GettyStock
Remember, a goal could be to get better sleep! fizkes GettyStock

James Rabe That can be something as simple as asking a friend to join you for coffee, because you're celebrating something and make sure you tell them that so they can join in with you, or it could be something fancy or like, Hey, we're going to take a weekend away because I accomplished it.

Andrea Salzman Yes, absolutely. Any success along the way is important to capitalize on just so you can keep motivated, right?

Looking at your failures. This can be a hard one, but this is so important in order to be able to learn and grow from where you've come to, where you're going. So examine where things got off track learning from them, and then recreate some actionable steps to avoid those same pitfalls for the next six months.

The important thing is to remember that sometimes failure produces the best results. So the seventh tip is in reviewing your goals. If you realize you've lost that motivation, connect back to your why, why was it so important to create those goals? Why did you feel like it was needed in your life and finding out our why is important? Because it helps us keep motivated and helps us stay on track.

James Rabe And when you say finding out the why you, mean why this is important to us?

Andrea Salzman Absolutely. Why do you need this in your life? Why do you need this change in your life? What is the value behind this?

Update your goals. So if you're six months in and you'd realized, gosh, I've achieved my goals. That is awesome. And fantastic. And, and so now you can take a deeper dive into that and look at what helped you be successful and how can you move that forward for the next six months when you when you create new goals,.

If you're at six months and you're like, oh, I haven't reached anything. That's okay. It's a good time just to look at how you can adjust and be flexible and recreate actionable steps that will take you through the next.

Kindergarten teacher reading to children
Is one of your goals to volunteer more? Catherine Yeulet

James Rabe Is it possible you didn't achieve the goals because the goals weren't that important to you and maybe there are other things you should be looking at?

Andrea Salzman Yeah. It could be that your why wasn't big enough and that's okay, too. It can also be that maybe some of those actionable steps were not reasonable to achieve, or too big to achieve your goal. So it's really as important to dissect that apart to look at is this feasible and workable for me. And if not, what do I need to do? Or do I need to find a different why?

What Do You Think?

Are you going to check in on your goals? It can be hard to do, it can also be hugely important to your success. If you stopped altogether, so what? Start again. That's life and how we live it in the real world. You can do it!

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

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If you feel stressed out just reading this, then take some time to destress before you conquer your goals.

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