A quick Target run, or a road trip, people in the passenger seat have been known, on occasion, to cause a little bit of trouble. They overstep their bounds. But it's not their fault...they just don't know the rules. The Passenger Rules. A quick check off Rochester drivers and I found a few VERY important rules. Well, maybe rules is too harsh. Maybe guidelines. You don't want to come off as bossy, but you're driving. You're the captain, responsible for everyone's life! The least you should get is a little respect, am I right? Right!

  • First off, Dunken comes in with, "No smoking!" I think we all agree that's a pretty solid rule. You're free to ask, and under certain circumstances, I may give you the go-ahead. Maybe.
  • Baily gives us the common courtesy rule: Take your trash with you! Amen! You don't want your trash, neither do we!
  • Vera is a bit blunt, but on point with, "Driver picks the music, and shotgun shuts their cake hole!! 😂"
  • Thao comes closes to my heart with, "Don't act like you're going to die. My driving is on point. 😂" My mom used to act terrified. "You're driving too fast! ((she ducks down out of sight))...MOM! I'm going 15!"
  • And me? If I say, "Oh, I love this song!" and turn up the music, it means I want to hear and/or sing-along to the song. No talky-talky, or you'll walky-walky.

What else should be on the list?

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