While we are all staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are missing so many things, including seeing those that we love.  While social distancing, a daughter in Rochester figured out a unique way to let her family know that she loves them.

Lori is a mom in Rochester who has three daughters and because of Covid-19 she has been following the social distancing guidelines to keep her family safe, but she misses her girls a lot.  One of her daughters works at a place that sells pizza and on a day when there was a BOGO offer, they called ahead with their order.  They brought the pizza home to enjoy and inside the box was a special surprise...notes that said "love you" and "miss you".

We picked up pizza and the bottom of the box had this on it.

Credit: Lori Pannkuk
Credit: Lori Pannkuk

That is a unique way to show some love in a time when we are asked to be apart.  Love it!

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