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Minnesota's Med City has placed near the top of yet another national list-- this time concerning our salaries.

We've always taken pride here in Minnesota (and in Rochester, specifically) in our high quality of life, whether it's our great schools, world-class health care, or even our weather. And, while many places probably claim those things as attributes, Minnesota and Rochester both do place near the top of many national surveys.

And here's another one: According to the crew over at SmartestDollar.com, Rochester is currently the number-two city in the country when it comes to U.S. Cities With the Highest Cost-of-Living Adjusted Salaries.

That's right, according to SmartDollar, only Boulder, Colorado places higher than Rah-Rah-Rochester does when it comes to 'small' U.S. cities and their adjusted incomes. (I'm not sure I'd really call Rochester's metro area 'small'-- we ARE the third-largest city in Minnesota, and the largest outside of the Twin Cities metro-- but I guess compared to all other U.S. cities, it makes sense. You can check how SmartDollar came up with those definitions HERE.)

The survey says the median average salary in Rochester, when adjusted for the cost-of-living, is $60,729, making us #2 on their list. It also means we're WAAAY above the national average. The survey says median earnings for full-time workers in the U.S. was $50,078 in 2019, which itself was a 20.6 percent increase since 2010.

The survey didn't explain just WHY Rochester has such a high median average salary, though I'll bet you can guess. Yeah, I'd be pretty confident saying it might be the salaries of the many Mayo Clinic doctors who happen to call Rochester home that are boosting the stats for our average salary compared to other cities our size.

And, if you wish YOUR salary was a little larger than average, keep scrolling to check out which jobs here in Minnesota might increase the amount on that paycheck...

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