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When I was growing up the best part about any hotel we stayed in was obviously the pool! Swimming was a MUST anytime we went on a trip. So when I came across this epic pool in Rochester even adult me got super pumped!

The Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester has the coolest looking pool. I will give the photographer some credit though because this is a great picture of the pool with the 'Kahler Hotel' sign lit up. But this would be a great pool to swim in any day: if it's snowing, raining, at night, during the day, and you can gaze up at the sky through the glass dome. It's like an outdoor rooftop pool but with a roof, because we live in Minnesota and any outdoor pool can only be used for 3 months out of the year.

As a kid, any pool was great as long as there was water in it but I would have considered a pool to be "epic" if there were waterslides, obstacle courses, etc. So basically a water park. But adult me though would consider this to be an epic pool! It looks relaxing and the views from the glass dome would be amazing.

Have you ever checked out the pool at the Kahler Grand Hotel? What other hotels in Rochester (or other towns around Rochester) have epic pools? You can chat with us and let us know on our free app!

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