If you haven't heard of Simple Fix, I highly recommend it. However, you'll have to wait for a while to participate. Hy-Vee is the latest Rochester business to be affected by the Coronavirus. I received an email from one of the dietitians saying Simple Fix classes and all other cooking classes are suspended until further notice. The email says the decision came down from corporate.

Due to concerns surrounding (COVID-19), Hy-Vee is temporarily discontinuing its kids’ and adults’ cooking classes, as well as food and beverage demonstrations to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep our customers and employees free from this illness. - Hy-Vee

Everyone that has a class scheduled and paid for will receive a full refund.

hy-vee food prep classes canceled coronavirus
Samm Adams

What is Simple Fix? It's essentially a food prep class. I've been doing it for a few months now. I get a group of girls together, Hy-Vee dietitians provide the recipes and ingredients, and we put it all together in a bag or pan to bring home and cook. No need to grocery shop or clean up. It's brilliant and convenient.

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