Summer nights for my family include sitting at baseball fields all over Rochester cheering on little kiddos as they swing and slide into bases.  Last night, the kids had an exciting addition to their game!

At about 6:30 pm Wednesday night, two hot air balloons were poking up over some trees just over Olmsted Medical Center by the Rochester Youth Baseball fields.  The kids were playing ball and having a great time...learning all the things...but parents were getting sidetracked and the cameras were out for the balloons.  #sorrykids  I'll be honest, as soon as I saw this happen, my eyes and focus weren't really on the baseball field either.

Our family has gone hot air balloon chasing before, and it is loads of fun.  When we see one in the air, we just drop what our plans were and go follow it.  We have been all over Rochester watching them fly through the air and have seen several land in fields, at area parks.  It is just an amazing site to see and one of my favorite things about summer in Rochester.

As the game kept going, the balloons started getting closer to the field and soon, the kids that were playing ball could actually hear the fire of the balloon.  After the game, my kiddo said, "Mom, I don't know if you could see it but there was fire in that balloon and I saw it and I could hear it make a big sound when it was over my head!". 

Such a fun way to have a baseball game!

I grabbed some photos of the fun!  Check them out below.

Surprise For Kids At Rochester Baseball Game

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