Is it OK to charge your family a per-person charge for Christmas dinner? "Hannah," is from Rochester and over the weekend she sent me a Facebook message saying she decided to charge this year and her family is NOT happy. Here's what she wrote...

Hey James, love your show and I love your Christmas music! I have it on at home, when I'm in the car, and at work, too! I hate the way I sound on the radio so I'm sending this message instead.

I host Christmas dinner for the whole family each year. For 10 years it's been me, my husband and 3 kids, his mom and dad, my mom and dad, and sisters and brothers an cousins. Usually about 25 people. I love doing it, but I decided to charge per-person this year.

Why? But I realized outside of our own kids no one ever has us over for dinner or asks us out for dinner, or drops off food, brings a dish to pass, nothing. I did the math and came up with $10 per person. Their all angry abou it...but I said, "It's just 10 bucks! You have the money." My husband is embarrassed and so I told him I'd follow whatever you said.

I'm counting on you ya Hannah

That came in over the weekend, and then today I found a story (here) about a woman that's doing kinda the same thing in England. She's having it catered and is charging $21 per person. Her family doesn't much like it either.

What do I think? I'm going to wait 'til Friday's show to say...but I can totally understand where Hannah is coming from. She feels used. Family not reciprocating at all is pretty low down.

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