A Rochester woman was shopping the day before the Super Bowl, and as she was about to walk into the Apache Mall, she kicked a little foil pack. She picked it up to throw it out and bam! immediately realized it was NOT the distinctive Swisher Sweet aroma coming from the package. It was something altogether more naughty. And illegal. Points for a clever hiding place, tho.

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The woman, who wishes to remain unnamed, says she knew at once it was marijuana. "That smell...I knew a guy that smoked pot, he could shower three times a day, and wash his clothes with bleach, and you could still smell that earthy scent...and he looked kinda like Shaggy, from Scooby-Do!"

I'm guessing it fell out of someone's pocket. They were probably on the way in to get their hair-did to look good for a Super Bowl party, but as the woman said, "I imagine their Super Bowl party was a little less SUPER."

Very likely they overbought on the chips.

BOB: "Wow...never had this kinda problem before!"

MANDYL "Yeah...how'd we end up with so much extra chippage?"

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