Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man is accused of harming his young children while they were only months old.

According to the criminal complaint against 29-year-old Nicholas Bendik, one of the infants suffered at least three fractured ribs and possibly a broken arm.

Police became aware of the abuse in December when the mother of the four month old boy brought him to St Marys because he was fussy. She told the doctor she had heard a popping noise when she lifted him up for feeding. An X-ray showed the rib fractures and signs of possible earlier injuries. There were also bruises on his back and buttocks. The same bruising was found on his twin sister.

Police talked to Bendik, who was alone caring for the babies a few days earlier.

He admitted he “hurt his children out of frustration and a lack of sleep.”

Bendik told an investigator he was frustrated at his son for crying and admitted he squeezed the boy hard with both hands. He also said he dropped both babies on their backs from a height of 6 inches, causing them to cry. Bendik said he hurt the babies “because he was getting to his limit.”

He is facing six felony counts, including 3rd degree assault. He has been ordered to make his first court appearance in May.

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