Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man has been convicted of being involved in a violent armed robbery - and he is facing even more troubles.

Olmsted County Judge Kathy Wallace Tuesday convicted 22-year-old Dushawn Minor of two counts of 1st degree aggravated robbery for taking part in a gun-related incident in December 2017.

Police say Minor and two other men confronted an employee of the Sun Tan City business as she was closing for the night. One confronted her husband who had arrived to give her a ride home and was waiting in his car. The other two forced her back inside and told her to open the safe. Police say the woman was so frightened she had a hard time responding and one of the men pistol-whipped her over the head. The men took the woman’s phone and cash and drove off with her husband’s car. Minor was later arrested and charged. One of the other suspects was also caught and prosecuted.

Minor was recently charged with taking part in another gun-related robbery about a week before the Sun Tan City incident.

A food delivery driver says two armed men confronted him as he was sitting in his vehicle in NW Rochester. One shoved a gun into his side and the other pulled him out of the vehicle. The two then drove off with the vehicle. Police found some fingerprints inside the vehicle and they were eventually linked to Minor. He is scheduled for an evidentiary hearing in that case next month.

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