Excuse me while I spit some mad truths here, it might get a little messy. After the Emmy award show proposal, I'm once again all riled up about public proposals.

That's right, the Rochester Man is James Rabe. In other words, me. A man, in Rochester.

Public proposals, I do not get them and I have three reasons why they should just STAAAHHHP! But first, in case you missed the story about a director no-one outside the Emmys knew proposing to his girlfriend Jan, a woman no media has bothered to find the last name for, check it out here.

James Rabe's Top Three Reasons Public Proposals Should Be Done (Crowdsourced via four of the very best people I know)

1 - If they say no everything is mean and sad.

2 - The public pressure added in case they might not want to marry/go to prom/HoCo.

3 - I understand wanting family and friends around, I don't understand wanting hundreds, thousands, or millions of people around. People are generally happy to see a happy couple, but why share such an intimate moment?

(this all goes out the window if both the proposee and the proposer are in on it)

What do you think?

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