You call in sick, and the boss can see you packing up your car for a day at the beach? FIRED!  These are just great, including why I got fired!

Reddit asked bosses to tell the dumbest reasons they had to fire someone. And they came up with a bucket of "are you serious???" You can scroll down to see 'em, but first, the dumb thing I did to get fired.

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I was 16 or 17. I was a waiter at the Cafe du Voyageur. And I hated it. We had to wear tan felt pants, big piratey shirts, arm and leg ties, moccasins, and a big floppy red hat. We looked just like the men that carried furs up and down the rivers and lakes to trading posts. If you saw Titanic, there's a scene where John Jacob Astor says something, and he was a very successful fur trader that relied on voyageurs to move furs around.

That's him right there, lookin' all rich n'stuff.


Anyway, the menu was big, and I refused to memorize it. So they fired me. They asked first WHY I wouldn't memorize it...and my answer didn't help my case.

"Why don't you want to memorize the menu?"

--Because it's written down. Sherlock Holmes says why waste memory on things easily accessible in written form."

Totally not kidding. I said that out loud!

So, yeah, they fired me. BIG surprise, right?

Here are my favorites from the Reddit post. Click on 'em for the big version.