After 2 1/2 years, a local company that has helped make meal prep a whole lot easier for busy moms in the Rochester, Minnesota area has announced that they will be preparing their last order on Thursday, July 15th.

Meal prep company in Rochester, Minnesota has announced that they are closing.

Ask any mom what one of the biggest stressors is on their list, they will probably share that making a meal every single day for the family to enjoy is sometimes just too much.  Personally, I don't enjoy cooking so making meals magically happen is a huge chore, and sometimes the fam just ends up eating cereal.  It is is probably better than what I would make anyways and I know they would eat it.

Boy eating cereal while having breakfast in the kitchen.
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One of the places that I contacted when I started working full-time was Busy Bee Meal Prep.  I knew that life was going to be a bit much while I figured out how to do the whole "balance" thing and getting help in a few of the daily tasks of being a mom was on my radar.  Unfortunately, busy moms everywhere are losing a helpful resource.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that our last day of meal prep will be Thursday, July 15. We will not be accepting any orders after Monday, July 12.
We want to thank all of our amazing customers who have been with us these past two-and-a-half years, you helped us to make our dreams of running this business come true. If you're looking for a similar local meal prep service, please reach out to us and we can refer you to someone.
With gratitude,
Amy - Busy Bee Meal Prep Facebook Page

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

Not sure what to make for supper? Go eat one of the new foods at the Minnesota State Fair!

Ok, going to the Minnesota State Fair to feed your kids supper seems like a bit more work than just making a meal yourself is a solution.  #JustSayin  And this year, there are a whole bunch of amazing new foods to try.  Look through the list below and start planning what day "supper" will be at the fair.

New Foods at the Minnesota State Fair in 2021

WARNING: Drooling may occur while viewing these food photos. The great Minnesota get-together is back in 2021 and this year, they are already teasing our taste buds with photos of all the new foods that will be offered at the Minnesota State Fair. If you are ready to have your stomach growl, scroll through the pics below.

Moms, go on a vineyard tour!  You don't have to cook there either.

Obviously, you can't sneak off to take a vineyard tour every night BUT once in a while, text your friends and go have a girl's night.  You deserve it and below are a bunch of places in Southeast Minnesota where you can go have a glass of wine and just not worry about cooking.

Enjoy wine at one of these 19 wineries near Rochester, Minnesota

Grab your girlfriends and head out for a weekend (or two) for the best summer adventure ever - winery tours! Ok, you don't have to take an actual tour of the winery. This is more of a sit-down and enjoy a glass of their homemade goodness with a few of your friends. Start your adventure by checking out a few of these places near Rochester, Minnesota.

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