I have been watching Fortnite start to consume my kiddo so I thought, "How hard can it be to play this game?".  He was making it look so easy and I thought for sure that if he could play - so could I.  Maybe I would even win?!  *I get a bit competitive when it comes to games like this*

The decision to have this game get the ok took a long time for our family.  I chatted with a lot of other parents, read forums and different reviews, and chatted with my tech savvy hubby because we needed to know the info before we said "yes". That "yes" comes with specifics stipulations though and I'll share that at the end.

If you are thinking of taking on Fortnite, here are a few tips from my 17 minutes of playing:

Rochester Mom Shares Tips On How To Win At Fortnite (Ok...these are the things that her kids screamed expressed loudly while she was playing)

#1  There is more than one way to play the game - some sort of settings thing:

The kids just rattled through this but if you go solo, I was told that I would die right away.  I got set up with the 50 v. 50 game.  In other words, there were 50 people on a team and whichever team was left standing was the winner.  I'll share in the end what place I got.  :)

#2  Know how to use the controls:

This is a tough one for us moms because when exactly do we have time to sit down and "learn"?  The answer is never, in case you were wondering. Don't worry though, your kids are geniuses at this and they will "help" you as you play.  Why can't they put their dishes away too?  That is also hand-eye coordination.  By help, I mean, they will encourage you loudly with phrases like:

  • "Look up! "No, mom, what are you doing?",
  • "Pick up that gun!  No - that's not how - click - nevermind, just let me do it."

#3  Pick a good landing spot:

What makes a good spot?  It isn't the colors or something that looks nice...you know, like a new house that has been redone on HGTV...those don't exist on Fortnite.  Abandoned gas stations are a thing and walls are missing in basically every building.  My kids shared these two main points that might be helpful to you:

  • don't pick a spot on the line (the line is where that balloon thing goes)
  • pick a place that has more than one house or building

#4  Stay in the circle (aka Storm Circle):

This part freaks me out.  Just know, you need to always be moving towards the circle or middle or something.  There is a little map thing in the corner to help you see where you are, but I don't know how you look at that and play the game at the same time. #soconfused

  • FYI - the circle gets smaller so you have to constantly move
  • There is a noise that is made to help you know when the circle is getting smaller and a countdown too...this is basically the countdown until I die...because I am usually still working on walking forward and looking ahead at the same time.

#5  Make sure you have a balance of weapons and health "stuff":

  • You need to go back to tip #1 on how to use the controls in order to know how to pick up weapons.  I'll be honest - picking up weapons was very challenging for this momma!
  • There are treasure chests that glow and make a noise - I have learned that those are good things to find.  No idea what they do.
  • My kids tell me that bandages and med kits are good too.

#6  Collect resources (wood, steel, brick):

  • I never got to this part.  I was told to focus on walking in a straight line.

How did this momma do?  I played the 50 v 50 and I WON!!!!!  First timer and I am a

Jessica W - TSM Rochester
Jessica W - TSM Rochester

champion!  *my kids say that if I did solo I would have died within a second since I never learned how to pick up a gun and never killed anyone...but I am still taking this as a win*

Parent to Parent Tip:  If you weren't aware - you can spend money on dances, skins, and other things and talk with complete strangers in this game.  Spending my hard earned money on something that isn't real doesn't fly for this momma so if my kiddo wants to play this game, he needs to respect the rules on how he will be playing the game and not change the parental settings we have in place.  We have secret codes in place but I'm not dumb, he can probably figure it out.  If he doesn't want to follow that - I have no problems taking this privilege away.  I also have no problems taking this game away if chores aren't done, an attitude shows up during our conversations together, or kindness is not being shown to family or others.  My kiddo also must play while we are in the room.

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